Project one, post 1

I feel that I have responded well to this unit so far but was sceptical to begin with. I felt that the constraints where too much at first as I am used to projects being quite broad. I thought I was going to struggle to think of ideas but as we got into the project I started to relax and get used to the project and environment. I can already see improvement in my sketchbook from the start to now.

I found using paper to make the cubes and cylinders to begin with was very interesting as it is amazing how much work you can churn out quickly. This use of paper is a good way to test ideas  to see how they look before  further development in more expensive materials. The drawing tasks where interesting especially with the left hand and not looking at your hand drawings, I have found these techniques useful for capturing the essence of the object, you have less control helps you not draw things as you think they should look.


This inspired me to create my own less controlled drawings where I drew on the bus. i drew the pattern that I found on some rusty metal at Crosby beach, the image features at the top of the page . You can see where the control is lost and then regained as the bus went from smooth road on to rough I can also do this to and from university which is a good time saver. I could combine this with the not looking at the page and the wrong hand technique as well.

The sequential thinking activity has changed the way I think about a project I normally have lots of ideas that are very different from each other . I still have all these ideas but now they have lots of different ideas stemming from each. A change doesn’t have to be a big one, little changes can make a big difference.

I feel that I have managed the work load well up to now however took me a while to get back into it after being  off for so long. Have started to feel the pressure a little since starting the workshops.


this is a picture I took of a rock face whilst out on a walk at the weekend


I have been inspired by nature, found materials and natural occurring structures and textures throughout the beginning of the course and this has continued into the start of my workshops. I have enjoyed myself in the glass workshop and have tried to recreate the texture of rock into the edge of the glass on a cube  whilst leaving some straight and neat. I like this contrast of neat and rough which matches the contrast between fragile glass and the hard rock.

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