investigation and application post three

The development of my project could have been more thorough in the beginning initial ideas and more thought through and wider ideas so that I could have made a more informed choice in which way to take the project. Once I chose which way I wanted to take the project my development became more in-depth and started to like the idea with the material textures and forms. I could also apply sequential thinking. I feel like I have tackled the problems within my project well and turned them to my advantage for example: I had problems getting the sheet metal to fit on the shell. which led me to use a thinner foil which started out being a more malleable material to get the fit, but then gave me the creased textured effect that worked well but also had further problems that needed resolving. The foil was to shiny and obvious which I solved by darkening the metal  then sanding on top to highlight just the texture on top leaving the other parts of the foil dark and blended in with the shell. I like trying to solve problems and thinking of alternative ways of achieving a desired effect it forces you to try new things which lead to new discoveries and could completely change a project.

copper foil with blackened with liver of sulphur then sanded to highlight the texture
copper foil with blackened with liver of sulphur then sanded to highlight the texture

I think that I could have used more drawing and generate more initial ideas. however I feel that I could have used more colour to show material qualities and make it clear what the material is. This will also give me more f an idea of how the object will look once made, which agene would have helped me make more informed decisions. in the resolution of my project I seem to have moved away from drawing and concentrating more on material experiments rather than drawing .

In the initial stages of my project I was using the metal workshop to develop textures colours and techniques.  I then continued to develop the project in the metal workshop and also did the metal finishing induction which gave me new techniques like using the liver of sulphur and burnishing,  which became a major part of the project and seemed to pull everything together  and helped me achieve what I think is a more professional, more finished piece.

example of burnishing around the edje, this is also what gave me the idea of sanding the liver of sulphur off the top of the foil
example of burnishing around the edge, this is also what gave me the idea of sanding the liver of sulphur off the top of the foil

In the initial stages of the project I wanted to achieve a functional piece table where for example however the development and nature of my work with the shells led me towards and suited jewellery more. If my initial research was more thorough and extensive I feel the project could have gone down another route however I do  think that I made the right choice. I think that my key successes where the material combinations and the material textures because they started inspired and manipulated the project.

I think I should have considered the strap for the necklace earlier in the project to give me more time to refine and develop it. Also the way that the shells are attached to the strap I kept drawing it the same way each time and liked the way it was, but didn’t try to make sure it worked. Once I tried it I found that the shell wanted to sit on the side, so I have had to panic problem solve and have rushed this therefore not had chance to try out different ways that may work better than my solutions, and am worried that it will impact on the finished piece.

WP_002363 WP_002543 WP_002516

If I were to start the project again I would definitely explore more of the initial ideas from the start in more depth and in the workshops. I also feel that I could have branched out into other materials and explored more material combinations



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