investigation and application post two

My initial research starting points where looking at material texture and combinations. I like and prefer textured ,rustic and natural materials and colours. I started to research mussel shells  and mussel shell farming while exploring textures and colours in the metal workshop, using flux on the hearth to overheat and start to ‘eat away’ at the metal, taking the clean shiny surface off. To try and create  more rustic colours and textures.

brass shells

I have been using drawing generate ideas and it has helped me refine a path for this project.  I have also found drawing useful to help inform and direct my material explorations . however I feel like I need to use more colour and a wider variety of media to help show and express the materials look and texture.

sketchbook pic

sketchbook pic IMG_0100 copy

I chose to continue in the metal workshop for my inducted workshop session.  The finishing techniques will help me complete my metalwork to a more professional standard. The polishing will help me get the metal to more resemble shell. Outside being textured and dark while the inside has a shiny pearly surface this workshop will help me achieve that.

My material and workshop samples have helped my inform my idea generation and are now helping me resolve and develop my idea further  and make informed decisions. in the workshop have been looking at material texture and colour. I have also used the workshop to help resolve shape issues and have started to use change materials to be able achieve what I want.  for example: I am struggling to dome the sheet metal into a mussel shape and fit properly so I have tried using a foil instead and it is very easy to mould and fits snugly around the shell I can also use the same technique to eat away at the foil, however it creases and folds around the edges unlike the smoother sheet metal.

brass sheet and mussel shell
brass sheet and mussel shell
copper sheet  and mussel shell
copper sheet and mussel shell
copper foil on mussel shell
copper foil on mussel shell
copper foil on mussel shell
copper foil on mussel shell

I like the contrast in texture that the foil gives against the shell

I am happy with my choice of project and am feeling better that I have set a path to follow and the project seems to be coming together. However I feel like I am running out of time to complete my resolution then complete the pieces. I have completed lots or practitioners research looking into material textures, qualities and combinations this has helped me with my material research in the workshop I am going to continue to use material experiments to help me make informed decisions on how to resolve and complete the project


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